Ruth Conklin Gallery - Glen Arbor, MI
Joanne traveled a long road to get me to do a web site, I resisted computers in general. As she got me starting to turn mine on, she would suggest periodically that a Web presence would be good for the gallery. I decided to give it a try. I was close to hopeless. I invariably lost an e-mail when I tried to read it. Joanne did it for me. I was lucky that she lived a block away. She often came over 3 times a day - bringing e-mails or to take photos of newly arrived art work for the site. She was great at photography too. The design and workability of the site got many compliments from my customers. Joanne had a "can do anything" attitude and her results were wonderful. I am so grateful for all her time and infectious enthusiasm that helped me to stick a toe into the computer age. I miss her everyday.

Ruth Conklin
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